Design & Development of Mobile Phone

A Workshop on Design & Development of Mobile Phone was held on 10th, Nov 2014 by IGDTUW for M.Tech (MPC) students. In this workshop students have build their own mobile device with basic functions of mobile device :-
  • Call
  • Audio
  • Video
  • GPS
  • GSM
  • TFT Touchscreen interfacing based on Raspberry pi
  • Linux based ARM -11, 700 MHz processor.
All the students who have attended this workshop are requested to give their feedback.


  1. deepti says:

    very good workshop

  2. Zeenat Shareef says:

    The workshop was very informative as we could actually work with all the components to create our own mobile device. The slides provided to us by the faculty were very helpful as we could do all the interfacing ourselves.

  3. nishtha says:

    This workshop provided us with the opportunity to design and develop our own mobile device and also look up into the finer details from the base to application level. We interfaced camera, gps module, gsm module, audio mic etc. to the raspberry pi. the support and guidance provided was indeed very helpful.

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